Eating healthy doesn't mean sacrificing flavor. As a self-proclaimed "foodie," I strongly believe that life is too short to eat boring food. That's why I'm so passionate about finding creative ways to bring simple ingredients to life. I want to emphasize the difference between a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. One sucks the fun out of life, while the other encourages life to be lived to the fullest; to nourish your body to feel your best, but to celebrate the foods and flavors the good Lord has given us. 

Healthy living is not about calories in food or what your body looks like. But I have a feeling that once you begin discovering new foods and flavors, you will notice changes in the way you look and feel and won't want to go back to what used to satisfy. I sincerely hope that these recipes will be savored and shared among your friends and family; from the planning, to preparing, to gathering around to say grace. Whether you wince at the sight of anything green, or you're a seasoned kale connoisseur, there is something to here for everyone.

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