gather around my table... 

I am often asked why I’m so passionate about food. Well, to be quite honest, I don’t exactly know. Maybe it’s the soothing act of chopping vegetables after a long day, or the feeling of innovation after finding a new flavor combination. Perhaps it’s the feeling of accomplishment after creating something more enjoyable than anything I could order out. Maybe it’s the glow of excitement on the face of someone I love when I put a beautiful plate down in front of them. It could be the energy I feel after fueling my body with clean, nourishing food, that allows me to make the most of my day. Or maybe it comes down to the fact that humans have always shared food as an act of community. There is something so intimate about gathering around a table to share a home cooked meal. The food front and center, the ones you love right beside you, and the anticipation of the hours ahead that will be filled with stories, laughter, and lingering. It’s more than the taste of the food, but the memories that will last long after the plates are cleaned.

Within Provisions is a way to extend my table to new friends and make them feel like family. I look forward to filling these pages with what makes life rich and satisfying- food, friends, and faith. Fill your plate with provisions to fit your lifestyle, palette, or philosophy; pull up a chair, and enjoy.